Creating Nice Pay Stubs Very Easily

I used to have an accountant handle my company's pay day. I just never excelled at things like that, and this was something too important to risk messing up. When the Internal Revenue Service is involved, it is wise to be as careful as possible. However, it seems like I was being overly cautious without even realizing it. When a new friend discovered that I was paying someone to generate my pay stubs for me, he told me that it was something I could do myself with a paystub generator. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked him for clarification. I knew that he had his own small business, and that he had the same number of employees that I do, which is three. He told me that he pays 22.50 every pay period to have their pay stubs generated, which is just a fraction of what I had been paying an accountant to do the same thing. He showed me the site that he had been using, and I had to admit that Find Out A Bit More Find Out A Bit More