I Have Been Talking to Angry People

I needed a job and at the time I was not very picky. Obviously it had to fit in my schedule and I managed to find the sort of job where I do not even have to leave the house. That is a customer service job. If you ever called up some big company like CPL energy they probably have their own customer service people. They probably spend a great deal of money on it, because obviously that is a big part of any business and the bigger your business is, the more customer service is needed. If you are in a highly competitive business it could really be a decisive factor in success or failure. Things will go bad and you have to be able to fix them when they do. Customers are going to be concerned about things that you do not expect them to care about and they will get mad because they think you are charging too much. Obviously a lot of the time you are charging people too much.

In this job I am working for a phone company, although I can not say which one it is because I signed an agreement that I would not discuss their business. I do not think that would be a violation, but there is no reason to chance it. You obviously do not need to have a lawyer yelling at you over something that dumb. At any rate most of the time I sit around in my boxer shorts in front of the fan doing random stuff and wearing a headset. It is generally very routine. You answer questions and help solve the sorts of problems that people have with their accounts. However something happened in one part of the country and a bunch of people lost their service. They were very upset.

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