I Wanted to Have Nicer Hair Again

When my cousin came to the family reunion a few months ago, it was the first time I had seen her in months. She looked absolutely beautiful too! She had lost a few pounds, but it was her hair that made all of us want to know her secrets. She had went from a very average hairstyle to one that was lush and thick. I craved to have volume like that, and she told me later that it was 4c hair extensions that she had bought online. She figured she was due for a new look, so she went all the way with one.

I asked her for the website address, because I definitely wanted to look there myself. I had thought about getting hair extensions in the past, but I never did go through with it because I just did not think that they would look good in my hair. I did not want something that was obviously an extension, but there was no way to tell that with my cousin’s hair. I knew that if she was able to pull it off, I would be able to do the same since we have very similar hair.

I went to the website she told me about, and I was impressed with everything I saw. I read everything I could because I still wanted to make sure I was making the right move with this. I liked that I would be able to order hair extensions that I could wear just as they were delivered, or I could style them to match whatever hairdo I wanted to have that day. I ordered them the same day I looked at the site, and now I am getting compliments on my hair just like my cousin did on hers when I first saw her.

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