Keeping Yourself Safe in America

Burglary is the felony of breaking into and entering the house of another during the day or during the night with the intent to steal. More than six million American homes are burglarized every year. Burglary represents one of the major fears for many American households. Americans work hard for their home and their possessions, and the last thing they want is for their home to be violated and their valuables taken away which is how ADT Security can help. Even if you live in the most rural of areas, areas that are generally considered safe, your home can be burglarized. Therefore, taking the steps necessary to protect your home and your valuables makes sense no matter where you live.

The first thing you should consider to protect your home is a home security system. The best way to find the perfect home security system is to look online. Go only with a company that is considered top of the ranks when it comes to home security. That means that their reputation needs to be solid. You don’t want to work with a home security company that is anything less. When looking for that top home security company, look for a home security company that has more than one monitoring center. This is one of the most important things you should look for. A home security company that has only one monitoring center may not be able to help you if their one center goes down. Also, if the home you want to protect is located in America, make sure the company’s monitoring centers are located throughout the United States and not in some other country. Finally, make sure that the home security company offers 24 hour a day monitoring.

Another example of what you can do to protect your home is to have proper locks on your doors. One inch deadbolt locks are a good investment. Also, don’t leave keys under the mat or something similar. Burglars are too smart for that. Instead, give your keys to a trusted neighbor or friend if you need to leave keys.

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