Looking at a Place on the Lake

In fact there are a lot of different types of land on Smith Mountain Lake and certain parts of the lake are way out of the scope of my ability to pay. I know there is one part of it where you see about thirty homes which are probably all worth several million dollars each. I would guess that some of them are worth more than ten million. This place is way up near where the river runs into the lake. I would guess that Directv internet is the only way you get your world wide web. If you want to watch your favorite shows and I have no clue how else you get the internet. I am guessing that you can get the internet, but it is pretty likely that you are going to get something which is not going to be all that great. I know that in a lot of the rural areas you can still get the sort of dial up internet that we had back in the 1990’s. That really is not something I would want to go back to.

You can get satellite internet just about any place in the country, but that is not to say that you would want it if you had a great choice in the matter. The truth is that it is going to be very expensive and it does not really work all that great. In North Carolina they have a wireless internet provider, but you can not be sure how great that would be. From what I am told it would seem that this is going to depend a lot on the local usage rates. If this were the only option then it seems like all of the people in the area would choose it and that would make it work poorly.

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