My New Apartment is Perfect for Me

I knew that I was going to have to find a new apartment to live in. The rent kept going up in the one I had been living in for nearly ten years, and I just couldn’t justify the expense when I was not getting anything better in return. A month before my lease needed to be renewed, I did an online search for East Hartford apartments. I wanted to see some of the other apartment complexes in the area, and I also wanted to see what sort of amenities they offer too.

I was taken with the Pavilions Apartments complex as soon as I saw it. There were actual pictures that I was able to look at, and it showed a lot of the things that are available there. I was impressed with the amenities that they have available for all of the apartment tenants. There are two pools so people are not crowded, and there are also multiple tennis and racquetball courts too. I had never played either one of them before, but I never had a place to see if I would enjoy playing them either. There were so many other community amenities and events that were available, but I had already been convinced with what I had looked at up to that point.

The next thing I wanted to see were the floor plans. I am quite particular about how I like things, which is definitely not cramped. I like an airy and open floor plan, and I also wanted to make sure that there would be ample storage, both in the kitchen as well as the bedroom because I do have a lot of clothes. The floor plan I looked at was the Hawthorne, and it is absolutely perfect for me. I did not renew my lease where I was because I was gone before it was even up.

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